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BMW I3 - The Good Electric Cars

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JustElectric - The BMW I3 offers high quality electric cars, low operating costs and exceptional speed

The new i3 does not resemble other BMWs that are currently on sale. It retains the brand's rear-wheel-drive tradition, but uses a 168 hp electric motor under the trunk, combined with a lithium-ion battery. It is available with an optional engine extender engine that allows battery saving.

Uncategorized range of BMW Core i3 ranges between 80 miles and 125 miles depending on how you drive. With range-extender numbers can double.

The BMW I3 is almost the same size as the Ford Fiesta, but it feels taller and bigger in it. Compared to many electric cars, such as Renault Zoe or Vauxhall Ampere, this is also thanks to carbon fiber and aluminum construction is very light - actually 300 kg lighter than Nissan LEAF.

With direct torque of an electric motor, the acceleration is fast and gives a 0-60 mph speed at 7.2 seconds - 3.2 seconds faster than HybridToyota Prius Plug-in. As soon as the speed is, the I3 flight makes sense with the large wheel diameter. The thin frame feels like losing handling faster with a wider range across multiple fingerprint rivals, while the car is easily beaten by bends in the middle of the bend. On the plus side, a narrow spinning circle and light steering means I3 is very easy to drive in the city, regenerating braking and controlling it.

The BMW I3 economy relies heavily on driving. Keep the battery upright and stick to the city, and a range of 80 miles means it is impossible to hear the engine spin. We do this through the battery and the fuel tank is fully loaded with an economical rate of 118mpg battery.

There is a choice of facilities, ECOPRO and ECOPRO +, and the latter is designed to save energy, ECOPRO + climate control and disable speed limits of up to 56 mph to maximize reach

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