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Honda Release 2 Electric Cars

Honda Motor Co. finally released a hydrogen-fueled car, Clarity, in Japan, yesterday (10/3/2016) source liputan 6
Jakarta- Honda will launch two new electric cars next year. The first is a special model of the Chinese market, and another as a global model.

Honda has really taken the initiative in developing alternative and hydrogen fuel cars with a model called Clarity. However, they did not feel enough, and decided to focus on electric vehicles.

Reported by Autocar UK, the development is linked to more and more countries adopting environmentally friendly automotive regulations, including China with a huge market share.

To accelerate this project, Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo has ordered the creation of an electric vehicle development division in October 2016. It is hoped that with this division, two electric cars will slide just in time.

Unfortunately, so far, two electric cars are not known clearly. But Hachigo assures that this car will have "Light and solid batteries" and "integrated heat management".

According to the same source, it said the new Honda electric vehicle will be unveiled at an event held in Frankfurt, Germany, in September.

Hachigo also said that in addition to this new product also uses a new high-speed charging system. Saying every refill 15 minutes, electric cars can go up to 150 miles or 241 km equivalent.

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