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Subaru Develops Advanced Electric Cars

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Tokyo - Subaru Corporation is considering a variant of electric cars, from models already available on the market today. The Japanese manufacturer is planning to invest, the development of electric cars related to strict emission regulations in the global market.

Reported CEO of Subaru Corporation Yasuyaki Yoshinaga, and it is considering to immerse electric motors that already exist in the current model, rather than having to design a new car.

"This move allows Subaru to take advantage of the reputation, while eliminating the need to partner with other car manufacturers," explained Yasuyuki, as disitat Autonews, Friday (05/26/2017).

The manufacturer's strategy, known as the four-wheel drive system (AWD), contrasts with other manufacturer's approaches such as Daimler AG, as a mains of Mercedes-Benz.

This German luxury automotive technology, packs load and power storage technology under the EQ sub-brand. Gives more batteries to compete with Tesla Corporation

At the same time, the Subaru CEO assumes, electric cars can survive with just one parent company.

"There's an exciting Subaru model, XV, customers in Beijing want it, but it's only allowed to buy an electric car, if there is no electric version, it can not be bought," said Yasuyuki, at Subaru's headquarters in Tokyo.

Focus RnD

Seeing this, Subaru prioritize spending to develop electric cars and other technologies. In addition to electric cars and hybrids, Subaru also develops cars without a driver.

Subaru competed next year to deliver hybrid cars and electric cars by 2021.

To this end, Subaru has invested 134,000 million yen in technology research and development. The RND process is scheduled to be completed in March 2018.

Subaru's spending in the RND process is still lower than other countries' cars such as Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC). For information, Toyota has a 16.9 percent stake in Subaru. Toyota plans to spend up to 1.05 trillion yen to develop electric and hybrid cars.

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