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Tesla Model S - The Top Electric Vehicle

JustElectric - Who says electric cars can not be fast or fancy? Tesla Model S is ready to do both while combining innovative designs

After stepping with the Lotus Elise-based Roadster, Tesla has high hopes for this S model.

And it is. You will never find a car like the Tesla S. The all-electric space is as fast as Porsche, as stylish as Mercedes and as environmentally friendly as the Nissan Leaf.

Its size is roughly the same as the BMW 7 series and comes with a technology you may not have seen in car production. Take an all-electric powertrain to start, which - depending on the model - has a range of 311 miles. Most electric cars struggle to hit 100.

The visionary cockpit does not have a handbrake or a start button - coming and going. There is a large 17-inch touch screen on the center console, not the traditional button, and you can even get a few seats in the trunk to make seven seats.

Buyers can choose from a 60 kW battery with a range of 208 miles or more with an 80 kWh battery with a full 311 miles range. There is also a 80kWh performance, which reduces the time from 0 to 60mph from 5.4 to 4.2 seconds.

Most electric car sales in Britain are currently supermini or smaller size, but the new Tesla S model is directed to a larger model, sitting somewhere between the BMW 5 series or the Mercedes E-Class, the Audi A8, the BMW 7 Series and the Mercedes S Category

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