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The Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE front action
Renault has set up an electric car on the highway with an elegant model ZOE shows that something can happen.

Some car manufacturers have dropped their toes into mass marketing of electric vehicles, but Renault has jumped with both legs. ZOE is the fourth model to join the Fluence saloon, Kangoo van and tiny Twizy in the zero emission line of companies is the most pressing company.

Offering zero emission engines, well-equipped and acceptable interior performance, it all makes a lot more sense than we've seen so far from the price of electric cars. There is currently no clear competitor, but the same price as Clio Diesel, but even better equipped in the ZOE range is limited to about 100 km of hybrid drive.

However, it feels like your normal car is just driving a short distance, making it less comfortable than a supermini organization.

Zoe has an electric motor that develops in the normal mode of 87bhp and 60 bhp in the most important environmental position is a 220nm forward torque with engine speed, providing very careful acceleration - 0-30 miles takes four seconds. However, go ahead and see soon ZOE out of breath, suffering high speed and steep climbs.

As with the VW electronic up !, Traditional dental selectors and ZOE handbrakes mean a refreshing initial driving experience.

Simply convert, select and simplify the drive. While traveling, the ZOE steering feels more artificial than electronic follow-up! And with a 290kg battery to carry around, it's slightly idle compared to VW (which is 254kg lighter). The regulatory body is not bad, with batteries installed under the floorpan, but Renault seems to be a heavy nose.

The car has zero emissions, but if you consider the carbon dioxide generated by electricity for the first time, the ZOE CO2 level is about 54 g / km

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