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Why the Audi A3 E-Tron is a Significant Car Than You Think


For all this excitement about plug-in electric cars since its inception five years ago, there are only 10 models sold at a rate of over 200 per month. Half of them are - only five hybrid cars (if the BMW I3 is included with an extended range). Starting this month, electric buyers have one more to consider: Audi A3 E-Tron, recently held in turn from San Francisco to around Palo Alto, California. It is a large car, but its attractiveness is much less battery to force and more in ways of method and way. This is where you get interesting: there are many drivers who care about the battle between electrons, oil and gas.

If you see an Audi A3 E-Tron as a plug-in for the plug-in and it's very infected. The pack of 8.8 kWh granted within 20 miles of each electric group, in contrast to 2016 new electrical mile Chevy Volt more than 50, seems weak sauce. But not general efficiency - burn less fuel and produce less carbon - the name of the game? This makes the A3 battery a sophisticated hybrid engine plug-in, regardless of the metric electric range.

The Battlefront Shifts

In an alternative universe, if Audi - just five years ago had announced a new small hatchback that gave the equivalent of 83 miles per gallon (as A3 E-Etron does), he shook the world of cars at its core. This shows that what electric vehicles and components in the hybrid cars point turned the market. Today, the introduction of the 83-year-old mpge Audi is obsessed with news.

But we EV fans, we may be missing something more important: perhaps a power struggle is no longer sophisticated to increase the electric range, but to maximize the wide acceptance. Perhaps the comparison of the proper shopping for the A3 E-Tron is not the Volt or some coming 200- 300 miles from EV-but Toyota Prius is back.

We are busy celebrating the electric heads of Tesla selling about 19,000 cars so far this year or the LEAF and Volt sales meet or exceed 15,000. At the same time, Toyota sold more than 95,000 Toyota Prius 50 mpg jumpbacks.

Add 33,000 sales of Prius C more effective and 25,000 V-wagon sales, smart toys and new buyers in the plug-ins makers, both for sales and oil displacement is the Prius theft. In other words, if Audi can only find 10 percent of the Prius buyers who do not like the look of hybrid par excellence appearance and painful driving experience boring, then we can make many American drivers on the wonders of communication.

This argument goes beyond one model. PREPARATION: The following large wave of plug-in models come from Audi German luxury automakers, BMW and Mercedes offering plug-ins with a relatively modest EV range. Do not hush. Instead, think about how these cars (like cars) will be.

From Behind the Wheel

Prius can touch A3 E-Tron for a pleasant, lively and stylish unit. Before starting the engine, just look at the level of internal refinement. Remove the roof aperture, feel the textures, and see how your intestines sit on the seat. There are a lot of buyers who want an efficient (or better) style, but the patients of the travel coach have to ease their daily lives. And they are willing to pay for it.

Moreover, regardless of the situation that you select a counterfeit operation on the model, you can not touch the A3 sensation of 150 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. Hit the guide Gear Shift A3 E-Tron, so you can jump on and off in will change, press the pedal rotation and the thing really answer.

Stop. "What about the environment?" you say. Well, traffic today allows only one minute or two really lively driving anyway. So, when itching was scratched, re-automatic and use the buttons on the dashboard to select EV mode. While it lasts about 20 miles, you can travel emissions for free. This is a good trick. Of course, the EV mode will soften the power and maxes out at 80 mph, but the feeling is getting great quiet and fast for the EV. For those who have a short trip round or work place charging on the electric noon filling way in most days it can be all about electrons.

The A3-E-Tron modes also offer many options, perhaps also, for when and how the power driver uses the level of regenerative braking versus slip. After playing with them for a few minutes, we guess is to put automatic transmission, you will select "mixed" mode and be on your way.

An Incredibly Efficient German Hybrid

Weekend trips create a dilemma for many pure EV drivers. A decent road trip means the garage of his small electric car only has a car battery and a larger gas discharge. On the other hand, the A3 E-Tron not only provide the proper transportation service, but also the ability to hit the highway, feel the road, carry equipment and enjoy the quality of construction and engineering that puts German cars frankly one step ahead of their American and Japanese counterparts. The kicker is that the E-Tron is now the only alternative model available in the Sport Pack design.
The entry price after the incentive and option output is in the mid-range of $ 30,000. Buy a full set of qualities, which are difficult to find in any traditional hybrid or other components in electric cars, even if the Audi E-Tron does not match with unique, such as EV range factors, rock prices or less efficient overall .

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