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The Wuling Air ev

Jakarta - Wuling Air ev has become one of the electric cars that receives a government "subsidy". After being calculated, thanks to the sub…

Honda Release 2 Electric Cars

Honda Motor Co. finally released a hydrogen-fueled car, Clarity, in Japan, yesterday (10/3/2016) source liputan 6 Jakarta- Honda will launch two …

Subaru Develops Advanced Electric Cars

source google Tokyo - Subaru Corporation is considering a variant of electric cars, from models already available on the market today. The Japane…

Tesla Model S - The Top Electric Vehicle

JustElectric - Who says electric cars can not be fast or fancy? Tesla Model S is ready to do both while combining innovative designs After steppi…

BMW I3 - The Good Electric Cars

BMW I3 tracking JustElectric - The BMW I3 offers high quality electric cars, low operating costs and exceptional speed The new i3 does not rese…

The Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE front action Renault has set up an electric car on the highway with an elegant model ZOE shows that something can happen. Some car …
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